A historic location at the heart of Europe.
Chosen for the European Clojure community.

Leuven, Belgium is connected to Brussels Airport by a fifteen minute train ride, and by High Speed Rail to London, Paris, Amsterdam, and the Ruhr area.

Leuven, Belgium

Heart of Clojure is a conference by and for the European Clojure Community, As such we chose a location that's easily accessible from across Europe.

From Brussels Airport it's only a fifteen minute train ride and a five minute walk to get to the venue. We encourage people from neighbouring countries to take the train. If you're coming from London, Paris, Amsterdam, or Cologne then you can ride comfortably up to our doorstep.

A walkable old town to explore and enjoy.

Stella Artois, brewed in Leuven.

Leuven is a university city with a rich past and plenty of hospitality to offer.

The historic center is largely car-free and easily navigated on foot, making it a visitor friendly destination. With hundreds of years of history, many local breweries and a small walkable core, it's a perfect playground for the community to mingle.

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