Heart of Clojure

September 18 & 19, Leuven, Belgium.

Squint: a taste of Clojure for JavaScript devs


Diving head first into shadow-cljs and the surrounding ecosystem can be daunting. What if we could incrementally introduce Clojure into our existing JS applications from the safety of our favourite frontend frameworks like React or Svelte to tame its more complex logic - hopefully with the help of a trusted REPL


  • Felix Alm

    Felix left a biochemistry major after an “Intro to Programming”-course during his second year completely stole the show. Some zigzagging later he’s now been working in the industry using functional languages since 2017. Clojure became his favourite side project tool early on and 2.5 years ago, when he joined JUXT, it has been his full-time language as well.

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