Heart of Clojure

September 18 & 19, Leuven, Belgium.

Our Lovely Hosts


Carmen and Jordan will be your esteemed hosts. They will guide you through your Heart of Clojure journey, warm up the crowd, and make sure speakers get the introduction they deserve.


  • Jordan Miller

    L. Jordan Miller (she/her/altgirl), aka “Lambduhhh,” is a powerful punch of positivity, curiosity and creative energy. Besides being a whole vibe she’s a Staff Software Engineer at Nubank, Datomic Developer Advocate and producer//host of Lost In Lambduhhs podcast. Passionate about people, programming and pedagogy she’s a conference speaker, host, organizer, and reviewer for events such as Heart of Clojure, StrangeLoop, Re:clojure, and Clojure Conj. Motivated by the extraordinary transformations gained through her own self directed learning journey, she’s most proud of the positive impacts she’s made co-founding the learning and mentorship group Clojure Camp. Based in St. Pete, FL she enjoys quad skating, dancing with fire and contributing to experiential arts and music events (particularly electronic music productions) through her aerial and cirque performance company, Spinscript Synergies.

  • Carmen Huidobro

    Carmen Huidobro is a developer advocate and dev education enthusiast. She thrives on lifting others up in their tech careers and loves a good CSS challenge. Always excited to talk about teaching tech, especialmente en Español, oder auf Deutsch.

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