Heart of Clojure

September 18 & 19, Leuven, Belgium.

Open hearts for diversity


As women in tech I am used to being the only women in the room. I am used to feeling different. At time this raises the question: Do I belong here?

Working on a team with people of different age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, physical and mental abilities, ethnic and social background helps me to realize that we are all different and we all belong. Unfortunately, many teams are less diverse and not all people get to make this experience. Therefore, it is important to create opportunities to learn about each other and to become aware of similarities and differences.

In this interactive session we share experiences and talk about challenges. The goal is to raise awareness for the topic, to hear each others stories and to support each other. The session is open for all! I invite you to open your hearts for diversity and connect with each other!


  • Katja Böhnke

    Katja Böhnke is a software engineer and psychology student. She values connection and learning. She loves to work on diverse teams and to create spaces where people can be themselves and connect with each other.

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