Heart of Clojure

September 18 & 19, Leuven, Belgium.

Build full-stack ClojureScript apps with and without Sitefox


Interested in building “full stack” ClojureScript software running on the Node ecosystem instead of Java? I’ll take you step by step through different options for going all-in on ClojureScript. We’ll start with simple backend-only websites and work our way up to apps with both frontend and backend components. We’ll learn about shadow-cljs (front and backend), Nbb, Squint, Scittle and my web framework, Sitefox. We’ll look at the tradeoffs of different approaches and learn to get web projects up and running quickly and with minimum fuss.


  • Chris McCormick

    Chris is an independent computer programmer building open source software, freelancing, and bootstrapping online micro-businesses with ClojureScript. He’s always looking for efficient and joyful ways to create software, so when a friend introduced him to Clojure at a game jam and he was hooked. He also enjoys tinkering with game dev and making procedural music, and uses ClojureScript for this too.

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